Books2go is a website for students in Canada to buy and sell used textbooks. It's free to use! Used textbooks are bought and sold directly from other students. You do not pay or interact with Books2go in any way.

how do i buy a textbook?

All textbooks you find on Books2go are used textbooks posted by other students in Canada. Books2go doesn't actually own any textbooks. Search for your textbook by title, author, isbn, or course. By default, search results will be for the school you selected when you first arrived to the website. Increase your results by changing this option to your province or the whole country. Click the textbook you want and use the 'Contact the seller' button to send a message the the owner.

how do i sell a textbook?

First, create yourself a books2go account. Then, from your profile, post as many textbooks as you like. Posting a textbook is easy! Simply enter the ISBN and we will find all the book details for you. Give the textbook a price and you're done. You can also enter the course you used it for. This helps when others are trying to find your books. You will receive an email when someone is trying to contact you about one of your textbooks.

how are textbooks shipped?

This is completely up to you and the person you are buying the textbook from. Books2go was designed to allow students from the same school to buy and sell with each other. We recommend finding the textbook you want on books2go, messaging the user, come to an agreement on price, then meet on campus in a safe public location.