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How can i check messages from other students who want my textbooks?

You will always recieve an email alerting you that someone wants one of your textbooks. You can simply reply to the email to continue the conversation. Alternatively, you can login to your books2go account and click the Inbox link on the blue bar at the top of every page. Here you will find all your messages sent and recieved. Of course these are only the messages sent and received using books2go directly and not any from your email conversations.

I've sent other students messages but they won't respond!

This does happen. Unfortunately, for many different reasons. It's possible they don't use the email account any longer and have not bothered to deactivate their account with us. Our best advice is to message a few people regarding the textbooks you're looking for.

I received a message from Anonymous in my books2go inbox. Who's this?

Any message you receive from Anonymous simply means the user doesn't have a books2go account. They came to the website, didn't login, found your textbook, and messaged you. You won't be able to respond to them from the books2go inbox so reply to them from your email account.

How long do messages stay in my inbox?

You can delete a message at any time. If you don't, we will! All messages are deleted after 12 months to help keep things tidy.

I want to send books2go a message... how do i do that?

Simple. At the bottom of every page you will find a Feedback link. Fill out this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.