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Why is my school missing from this website?

If your college/university is missing from books2go and you would like to see it added please let us know. At the bottom of every page is an option to request a school. Fill out the form and we will email you back when the school has been added.

Can my account be linked to more than one school?

Yes. You can have one primary school (the school you are currently attending) as well as two secondary schools. Although a textbook can only be posted to one school, having multiple schools allows you to manage postings at each institute.

Why is books2go split into 100+ schools and not just one big textbook website?

Schools help split the country up into specific geographical locations. Students are more likely to participate in a website like this if the textbooks they are searching for are located nearby. When you register with books2go you must pick a primary school and this will be your default for searching. You can always change your searching options to within your province or the whole country if necessary.

What is a primary school?

When you register with books2go you must pick a primary school. This is the school your textbooks will be posted to by default. Additionally, if you search, results will be for textbooks posted by other students at your primary school.

What is a secondary school?

At any time you can add as many as two additional schools to your profile. This is great for students who have attended more than one school. Set your primary school to your current school and the others as secondary. Having secondary schools also gives you the option, when posting a textbook, to select which school you want the textbook posted to.