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How does searching work?

You can search by textbook title, author or ISBN. Additionally, you can search by course and posting ID. The search bar is available at the top of every screen. Simply enter what you're looking for and click Search. By default, your search results will show for the school you have listed in your profile as primary. An option is available on the search bar to search your province and the whole country.

What is the best way to search?

The best way to find the textbook you're looking for is by course. If you know the course you can simply enter it into the search bar and see what other students from your school have posted. Almost all searching on books2go is done by course so remember to add them when posting your textbooks.

Can i sort my search results?

Yes. The default sort of search results is by date posted. You can sort by price by clicking the link above the search results. Narrow you search results by searching more specifically. Searching by ISBN and course will produce very accurate search results.

I can't find my textbook... what should i do?

Your first step should be to change your search results to show all textbooks in your province. This option is beside the search bar. You may see an option to add the textbook to your wishlist. If you do you will recieve an email the moment another student at your school posts the textbook.

Why do i always see textbooks highlighted in yellow at the top of search results?

Yellow highlighted textbooks are locked to the top of search results. This is because the person who has posted the textbook is a honour student. An honour student will always have their textbooks posted first in search results regardless of how they're sorted. Learn more in the honour students help section.

What does On Campus mean when i see it show up in search results?

Any textbook that says On Campus has been listed this way because the owner has brought the textbook with them to campus for the day. If you see this option it generally means you can contact the person and get the textbook very quickly. Any textbook can be marked as On Campus in your profile. Be default, the On Campus status is removed at the end of every day for all textbooks.