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How do i post a textbook?

Find the 10 or 13 digit ISBN on your textbook, login to Books2go, then find the link to post a textbook in your Profile. We will find the book details and cover art for you. Other posting options exist if the ISBN option doesn't work. You can post a textbook by ISBN, title/author, or by entering all the details manually.

How come my posted textbook is missing a cover picture?

A textbook is linked to a book cover by its ISBN. When posting a textbook make sure to post by ISBN. Try both the 10-digit and 13-digit ISBN if available. If the ISBN is not working, then try posting by textbook title/author. No options exists at the moment to upload you own cover.

Will my textbook posting expire?

Yes. All textbook postings expire after 12 months. You will receive an email notifying you of this. You can repost the textbook directly from the email or visit the Books2go website and repost your textbooks directly. A textbook will stay expired for one year and then be deleted completely.

Can i post a textbook to multiple schools?

No. Your textbook is linked to only one school. However, when other students search they have the option to search within their school, province, or across the country. So students from other schools can find your textbook no problem.

Why should i add the course i used this textbook for?

It makes it WAY easier for students looking for textbooks to find yours. Almost all searching on books2go is done by course so you would be limiting your selling power if you didn't add a course.

I can't remember the course i used this textbook for!

When you are at the point of adding a course in the post a textbook process look for the "common course" section. It will show the most common course the textbook you are posting has been used for. Sometimes we can't collect enough data to show the common course. When typing the course the field will attempt to auto-complete based on what you have entered.

How much should i charge for my textbook?

Price information is provided when posting a textbook. When enough similar textbooks have been posted you will see grid based on quality and price. This should help you set a price. Another thing to take in consideration is the market for your textbook. If 50 of the same textbook have been posted and you're looking for a quick sale you might have to bring your price down below the average.

How will i know if someone wants my textbook?

You will receive an email when someone contacts you through books2go. Additionally, you will receive a message to your books2go inbox. You can login and check these at any time. The choice is yours for how to communicate. It may be easiest to simply reply to the email you received. The books2go inbox does allow you to see all your messages in one place. Both sent and received.